Statement from Elworth Cricket Club


Statement from Elworth Cricket Club

The League Regulatory Board Hearing held on 23rd August had decided that Adnan Ghaus and Rajiv Kumar should have been registered as overseas players (Category 3). As a consequence under League rules which stipulate that a club can only play 1 category 3 player, the penalty for playing ineligible players in any league match was imposed, this being the loss of any points gained in the relevant matches. Further to this meeting Elworth Cricket Club appealed against the decision and prior to the Appeal Hearing submitted further documentary evidence in support of our assertion that they are correctly registered as Category 1 players. The Appeal Hearing was held on Tuesday October 30th. The decision of the Appeal Panel was given to us yesterday evening (November 5th) and our Appeal was dismissed. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Senior Cricket Manager have been dealing with this on behalf of the club and will continue to consider the outcome of the Appeal. As soon as practical, a further statement will be issued.

Can I ask all members to refrain from placing any inappropriate messages on social media about this issue.

David Buckley (Chairman)

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